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A sustainable wardrobe - Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst

ISBN: 9789021577272
AUTEUR: Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst

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Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst helpt met haar nieuwe boek "A sustainable wardrobe' iedereen de overstap te maken van fast fashion naar een duurzame stijl. Vol met tips om duurzaam te shoppen, en je kleding goed te verzorgen, om er langer plezier uit te halen.Het resultaat? Een kledingkast bomvol duurzame kledingstukken, en jij die je eigen stijl behoudt. Door je een verdiepend inzicht te geven in de kledingindustrie, geeft Stephanie je de kracht om de kledingindustrie mee te veranderen. Verander je outfit voor-goed!Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst (1992) zag de opmars van sustainability tijdens haar opleiding aan het Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Na haar afstuderen heeft zij veel kennis opgedaan in haar werk bij een duurzaam merk. @Letstalkslow

...nd no this doesn't mean getting rid of your old clothes just to make room for new ones! It's about being really honest with yourself and making the most of what you have ... How to dress sustainably - How to make my wardrobe sustainable ... . Create a sustainable wardrobe to reduce the impact your clothing has on our planet. These slow fashion tips have everything you need to get started today! Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Building a minimalist wardrobe is one of the important aspects of sustainable living. While today's environmental challenges seem overwhelming, leading a sustainable l ... The Sustainable Wardrobe | The Sustainable Angle ... . Building a minimalist wardrobe is one of the important aspects of sustainable living. While today's environmental challenges seem overwhelming, leading a sustainable lifestyle is key to making a difference. And clothing is a big part of it! Fast fashion is responsible for a significant part of ... To really create a sustainable wardrobe we need to stop purchasing trend-driven pieces and start buying timeless pieces that are made to last year after year. 5. Buy less. Simple. Or not so simple. "Slow fashion" doesn't just mean how an article of clothing was produced but also the rate at which we purchase clothing. If you're new to sustainable fashion this video is a great place to start! I give you 5 actionable tips that you can do TODAY to start building a more conscious closet. A recap of the five tips ... Before we get into how you can create a sustainable wardrobe, why don't we first talk about what sustainable fashion is in the first place. Like all industries, there are a lot of terms when it comes to the sustainable fashion movement and they can sometimes be confusing if you don't know what they are specifically referring to so I am just going to go ahead and break it down for you. A sustainable wardrobe (e-boek) door Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst, EAN 9789021577289. Sustainable Wardrobe 1 of 9. The fashion industry contributes a lot of waste. Here's how to clean up your closet for a more sustainable wardrobe. Is fast fashion giving way to the sustainable wardrobe? Throwaway garments contribute more to climate change than air and sea travel. Now clothing retailers are bracing for a backlash Part 2 of How To Build A Sustainable wardrobe. You can find part 1 here. Now that you have you've completed your wardrobe review and grouped your clothing into various piles it's important to take responsible action when it comes to how you treat each group. Having a more sustainable wardrobe doesn't have to break your wallet or feel boring. As you can see, there's plenty of ways to transform your wardrobe into a more conscious and sustainable one. Remember that it's not about creating a perfect wardrobe, but creating a wardrobe that has more intent and thought behind it but still feels like "you". Sustainable accessories to go with your eco clothing. As with the rest of your sustainable wardrobe, what it means to be sustainable really has to be partly down to you when it comes to choosing your accessories. Of course, we would all agree that no-one should be made to work in sweatshop conditions to make a bag, or a pair of jeans. Creating a sustainable wardrobe for your child helps to ensure that their future will be even brighter than their present. Small changes in consumerism go a very long way in the global environment, and raising our children to be mindful of the earth and its inhabitants is surely one of the best gifts that we can give to them. The 4 areas I consider to be the basics of building a sustainable wardrobe are: Wear - make sure you'll actually wear and get a lot of use out of your clothes. When buying something new, commit to at least #30Wears and ask yourself questions before buying it like, 'How often will I wear this?'. I get a lot of wear from my clothes by keeping it minimal with a capsule wardrobe. How to build a sustainable wardrobe If there's one place where I feel like I'm nailing sustainability and minimalism, it must be in my wardrobe. I've long said adios to impulsive shopping sprees at fast fashion brands and in line with my 2019 resolutions , I have barely bought any clothes this year....