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Het Eiland Van Arianna - Luisa Rosa Barolo

ISBN: 9781547510108
AUTEUR: Luisa Rosa Barolo

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When Gaston and Valeria's eyes meet, a new reality is awakened. Gaston forgets, but the look exchanged between them strips everything bare in the face of eternity and he begins to retrace his steps along the path of remembrance. Meanwhile, Juan is searching, although no one, not even Juan himself, knows what he is looking for, yet he has become a master of the art of looking. Valeria, in turn, looks at the world and at Juan and Gaston and finds herself living two realities. One, her everyday world with a boyfriend and with friends like any other group of young women. Her other world is a memory, a Bohemian rhapsody performed by cicadas and narrated by a poet, or an inner voice that sometimes says uncomfortable things and other times penetrates to the essence of the soul. This story features an unusual square in a city that might be any city or might be Cordoba, a blind aunt who can see truth, and ants, many ants. And there is a canine revolution that takes over the city with fleas and dog smell and humping. There's a birthday party, and there are further paradigms of the ephemeral in this story of true love that extends beyond the boundaries of time and space. Gaston Forgets is in turns tender, dreamlike, enigmatical, painterly, earthy, shocking, grotesque, obscene, thoughtful and lyrical. A parable peopled by metaphorical characters who are perhaps more real than those of the real world, Gaston Forgets will linger like a light in the shadows of your memory, moving you to ponder life, love, time, art, dogs and more, long after you have finished reading it. Warning: Contains strong language and shocking content that some readers may find offensive or disturbing. Warning: Contains philosophy and poetry that may provoke some readers to fall in love, or to think deeply.