How To Tint Your Car On Your Own- Step by Step Guide

Car window tinting in Dubai is not difficult if you follow these steps: Clean your car windows with soap and water, and use a heat gun to loosen the adhesive. Carefully peel off the film from the window, keeping the edges clean. You may also need to wash the windows to remove dirt and stains. After cleaning, clean the window with glass cleaner. Remember always to apply a fresh layer of tint before each application.

Take the window film and cut it to fit your car window:

First, take the window film and cut it to fit your car window. Make sure to leave at least two inches of extra film on each side. Then, spray the film with the application solution, making sure to start from the bottom edge. Avoid bubbles and crinkles, and don’t press too hard. Otherwise, you’ll have to start over. Then, you’ll be ready to apply the window film.

Purchase a roll of film that’s 100 feet long:

If you’re planning to do the tinting yourself, you’ll need to purchase a roll of film that’s 100 feet long. Depending on the window type, this should cover eight to twelve cars. If you’re planning to do the tint job yourself, you can save money by buying inexpensive supplies. To begin, make sure to clean the glass thoroughly. Use a glass cleaner with five or ten drops of liquid soap to scrub the window.

Clean the window properly:

Prepare the windows by cleaning the windows with a lint-free cleaning cloth. Use the application solution to wet the outside of the window. When applying the tint, ensure that the film conforms to the shape of the window. Shrink the film and add a few inches to the size if it doesn’t fit. Once the film is cut, apply it to the window with the application solution. Ensure that you apply the film over the window liner.

Make sure the film is cut to fit your window properly:

Before applying the window film, make sure the film is cut to fit your window properly. If you have a large window, you can use a smaller piece of the film. Then, you should apply the application solution to the interior of the better-insulated applying tint; you should wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth. Once the film is dry, you can apply the adhesive. This will give you a better-insulated car.