A detailed article on depression

A detailed article on depression

Depression has become very popular among the people even in the young people. It has a negative effect on everything you do either it’s your actions, your words etc. But the good thing about this serious illness is that it is curable. Your mood fluctuates on daily basis sometimes you are sad, sometimes you are happy but those are actually your mood swings which are caused by different reasons. But if you have started to lose interest in everything you used to enjoy once, you remain sad all the time then there’s a huge chance that you are suffering from the depression. Another sign of depression is that you become less productive. Depression can stay with you for days, for months or even for years.

Symptoms of depression in females:

  • The women suffering from depression usually see the major change in themselves. They become less productive, become tired, they start getting acne, extreme pain during their menstrual cycle, gain in weight, and lose interest in the daily activities.
  • They become less interactive.
  • They start to develop bad and unhealthy eating habits.
  • In severe cases, people even get suicidal thoughts or they might even try it.
  • They might suffer from insomnia. There is a chance that they might sleep too much or they might feel trouble while sleeping.
  • Prefer staying at home.

Symptoms of depression in males:

  • Most common symptoms at the initial stage are fatigue, anger, impatience.
  • They start having issues like headache, problems in digestion, tiredness and ache.
  • Feeling sad or grief all the time.
  • They are unable to focus on their tasks – sometimes they don’t even complete their tasks on time.
  • Improper sleep pattern make them lazy and tired which negatively affects their work life.

Causes of depression

  • If someone from your family has suffered from depression or is still suffering then there’s a high chance of you getting this serious illness too.
  • If someone was a drug addict then he can be under the arrest of this illness.
  • If someone had gone through some trauma in their lives, then this could be the reason of their depression.
  • Chronic illness, insomnia are the other causes of depression.

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